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The dental care at Dr. Friedman’s facility is outstanding. All the employees are concerned with how you are doing and are committed to providing the very best dental care. Dr. Friedman takes special care to ensure the dental procedures are as painless as possible and are completed in an exceptional manner.
I would tell someone who is thinking about becoming one of Dr. Friedman’s patients that they have picked the best dentist possible. He ensures quality care.
Having Dr. Friedman, I’ve avoided further dental decay and have kept my teeth and my health.
The biggest difference I have found being Dr. Friedman’s patient is other dentists would conduct dental procedures where you had to come back every other week. Being charged for each visit became very costly, and I’ve had to have some of the work redone. With Dr. Friedman, he is up front. You know what the procedure is, what it will entail, and what it will cost. You are also in and out and aren’t going back to finish the procedure or have it redone. He and his staff are exceptional.

Denny Bateman, Tinton Falls

I have received the confidence of knowing I have great teeth and the best dental care I’ve ever had. Every time I come in, I feel welcome and they make me feel great about my teeth.
Dr. Friedman’s the best, just make the appointment and you will see.
There was always the tension and fear of going to other dentists that it would be painful with a lot of scraping.
What a difference between Dr. Friedman and my previous dentists!

Robin Maggio, Holmdel

I am filled with confidence now when I smile and greet people. I no longer have to be ashamed of what my teeth look like or hide behind my hands.
Don’t hesitate!!!!!!!! Go right over and let his wonderful staff make you feel comfortable.
I have avoided losing any more teeth to gum disease and the teeth that I have are brighter, whiter and healthier.
I avoided dentists for years because of my fear after my last experience with my old dentist. I thought “I’ll just lose my teeth rather than go back.” I am so glad I found Dr. Friedman. He and his staff do everything they can to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. He is now my dentist for life!!!

Mary Donohue, Hazlet

I now have a full set of teeth and that is certainly better than all the missing ones. Bridges were the best way to go in my case.
I highly recommend Dr. Friedman and his practice. You guys are the best and being so personable to everyone makes me feel more comfortable.
I’m not fearful to go to the dentist anymore and keep up with brushing/flossing and coming for cleanings.
And the “Care Enough to Share” card is a great thing – if you need to get something costly done it saves a lot – very convenient.

Donna Campbell, Brick

Dr. Friedman helped me to feel better heath wise and I did not worry about the next appointment since my second one went so well.
I highly recommend Dr Friedman – wish I knew about him sooner!
I avoided everything about the dentist – had a tooth falling out and general pain in my mouth but was still afraid to go before Dr. Friedman.
While the first visit did not knock me out enough and I felt it some, he was observant and cared enough to adjust my sedation for the second visit.
This visit went so smoothly that I do not remember anything and there was no pain. I have no worry about having my next round of sedation and look forward to a nice nap!

Dawn Webb, Jamesburg

I have upgraded my total dental health, including cosmetic improvements to my smile.
Thinking about becoming one of Dr. Friedman’s patients? You will not be disappointed, and you will feel confident you are receiving the best and most advanced dental care available.
I avoided any long range problems that may have developed if I had not been keeping regular checkups.
I like the courteous and personal treatment that I always receive by the entire staff.

John Kosar, Nazareth, PA

I’m grateful for a nicer smile, better overall oral health, and a little less anxiety when going to the dentist.
I always wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Friedman to my family and friends. I explain the whole sedation process and the benefits of it.
I avoided most of my anxiety and fear about seeing the dentist. Most of the pain was avoided, too.
I am now less nervous and more willing to keep up with my appointments. (I’ve never once cancelled!) While the service I receive is a bit expensive, I consider it a fair exchange to be comfortable in the chair.
Donna Heagen, Hazlet

I appreciate Dr. Friedman’s kindness and honesty. He listened to my concerns and gave me his honest opinion.
I can avoid having to go to different doctors for different procedures.
I felt like he cared about me and my feelings. I was fed up with my dentist when I came to him and had been treated very badly by her front desk staff.
I felt my previous dentist was fine but her front desk person was rude and dismissive. That is what drove me away. I don’t feel that way with your office.

Robin Mahns, Shrewsbury

I have been able to come to the office with most of my fear alleviated. Any issues with my teeth have been dealt with compassionately while making me as comfortable as possible.

I would recommend them as professional and courteous.

I’ve avoided most of my fears and now I’m being talked WITH as opposed to being talked TO.
There is courteousness and a comfort that I have not normally felt being in a dentist’s office.

Many thanks,
William Pope, Hillsborough

Mitch is an excellent dentist who cares about his patients.
Since going to him I have had nothing but positive experiences.
Being part of the Friedman clientele makes you part of an extended family. It allows you the freedom to ask questions without feeling that you are being foolish.

Annette McGillicuddy, Holmdel

I have seen great results from my teeth and health. Yes, I would highly recommend others to your office. I avoid having tooth decay and bad breath. What is the difference between being Dr. Friedman’s patient, versus other dentists you’ve experienced?
He makes me feel more relaxed about my teeth and it is more pleasant to come to his office than to go to another dentist.

Pat Bruno, Millstone Township

I would tell people to absolutely see Dr Kumar. I hated going to the dentist until I dealt with him and the staff there. The assistants were amazing, especially the one who worked with me on fitting my crown when I kept complaining that it didn’t fit right. Sadly I never got her name but she just kept going and going until it fit me right, and for that I couldn’t be more thankful. Dr Kumar is a great Doctor. His bedside manner is amazing, his work was amazing, and the fact he follows up with personal phone calls to check on you also amazed me. He also worked very hard to make sure I didn’t miss getting to school in New York at the time, and that none of the work he did would make me miss school, or affect my upcoming wedding. He tried his very best to not give me a root canal if he didn’t have to. Going through school and a wedding at the time, it made the difference on whether or not I could even go to the dentist.
I more than likely avoided infection and losing teeth. My wisdom teeth came in painlessly, so I didn’t even know they were there. He was the one who told me they were and that they had to come out. He also saved several teeth by fixing cavities I didn’t even know I had.
Other dentists I’d been to just didn’t seem as professional, -no need to elaborate there. Again I will mention the bedside manner of Dr Kumar and all the staff that makes all the difference. They treated me like me, not like some rank and file patient.

Michael Urmey, Long Branch

I learned that dental care is a process, not a problem. Sure, I have a lot of crowns and veneer, but at 52 my smile is far and away my best asset.
It means regular check-ups and cleanings and some financial bumps in the road, but it’s worth every penny to have healthy and strong teeth.
I grind my teeth in the night, always have. Dr. Friedman made me a night guard that fit so perfectly, I wear it every night. I sleep better and have fewer headaches.
Dr. Friedman and his team have taken the when-and-if out of dental care for me; I am grateful to them for that. I never miss a cleaning, have annual x-rays taken, and include dental care in my budget.

Helen Kent, Monmouth Beach

I am not saying I enjoy going to the dentist, however I no longer dread having to go. They do take your comfort very seriously and go the extra mile. The few other dentists I have been to only employ a few “comforts” if any. At Newman Springs Dental Care they seem to strive for a better experience. I wish medical doctors would take notes from Dr Friedman as I’ve always hated going to the doctor too.

Gene Kazmier, Long Branch

Clearly many fear going to see the dentist and many jokes exist that relate to this fear. ***** Father: Don’t you feel better now that you’ve gone to the dentist? ***** Son: Sure do. He wasn’t in. All joking aside it is clearly a perception that Dr. Friedman has worked very hard to amend. Dr. Friedman has demonstrated his ability to develop the supreme dental experience far beyond the practices of mere mainstream dentists. The experience begins with the man, Dr. Friedman, a deeply caring individual with the ability to communicate and listen well to the needs of the patient. He surrounds himself in the office with others whom share his vision to provide the patient with the best experience possible. Dr. Friedman incorporates the latest technological advancements to minimize patient discomfort (new digital X-Ray machine) as well as implementing many innovative pain management techniques. I for one love turning on the massage device and listening to music on the headset to set my mind at ease. Dr. Friedman also provides free dental clinic days and gives back to the community in a variety of ways. Recently he bought back the children’s Halloween candy to ship it to the military abroad, a clear win-win situation. Kids get money and hopefully less cavities while the military get something to sweeten their days. Its truly an wonderful experience! Finally if you have economic concerns you need only speak with him or his staff and they will work with you to provide alternative payment options. Sometimes this can be the worst pain but neglecting your teeth’s care can never be a good idea. Keep up the good job, Dr. Painless

The practice offers sedation which was a very important deciding factor to me.
The practice is extremely professional; the entire staff is knowledgeable, professional and courteous
The staff adheres to a time schedule and does not waste my valuable time
The office is always extremely clean, tidy and organized and this is very important to me
Tam St. Armand

I have already recommended people based on the professional, courteous, and attentive staff.
Jackie Walker


Sedation – that is what first drew me to this dentist! I have rather weak teeth and bones so I have always needed lots of painful dental work. I am so pleased with the painless procedures I have received that I actually look forward to my appointments, knowing that after my teeth will be clean and well cared for. (You know the feeling – rubbing one’s tongue over the nice, clean teeth).
The decor of the entire place is very pleasant; both the waiting area and the treatment rooms. The staff treats all with warmth and professionalism. But, most of all, the advanced techniques used here along with the expertise of the dentists and technicians provide the best dental care I have ever had.
Joan Allen, Eatontown

I have been a patient now for about 13 plus years. The doctor, has always made me feel like he understands, and truly has soft, gentle hands, and with that I mean, you feel no pain, and my problems have always been solved.
Julie has also been there since I first started going there and enough can not be said of Julie, thanks Julie for always making me feel not afraid, truly, the dentist in general scares me.
The rest of the new people in your new office are nice, pleasant and always pleasing
Thank you for wonderful, committed care.
Frank Lomangino, Neptune

All I can say is Thank You! You have made what was a fear to come to a new dentist remarkable. Julie is terrific and we see each other every three months and she makes me feel so comfortable. Jen is the best and always has a smile and a hello. She makes me as all the employees do feel welcome and that they are there to help ease any discomfort a person may have.
Dr. Friedman has done one procedure on my teeth and I was so impressed as he makes you feel that you’re the only concern he has at that moment. A true gentleman also.
I will continue what has become “my dentist” office for along time to come.
Jamie Henninger, South Toms River

My experience with Newman Springs Dental Care was wonderful!!!!
I am the queen of “chickens” when it comes to going to the dentist; they made my experience easy and pain free. The STAFF IS ABSOLUTELY THE MOST KIND-CARING-PATIENT people I have ever encountered in a dental office. They gave me my SMILE BACK and I am proud to show if off everyday! It’s so nice to laugh again without covering your mouth! Very satisfied customer
Anne-Marie Valente, Keansburg

Well very simply, I never cared much for going to the dentist, as most people don’t, but Dr. Friedman and his staff, not to mention Julie and her technique changed that all for me. Their work is great, their attitudes are pleasant, yet professional and it’s just a nice place to go for excellent dental care. I’m so relaxed there that I doze off as I’m being worked on. I recommend it highly!
Joe Gentile Union Beach

I cannot say enough about how good the entire staff treats you. The office is very professional with the latest equipment. Doctor Friedman: you’re the best, someone who cares. I would highly recommend this group to everyone.
Charles Barbiere, Red Bank

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